Hacked By Prosox

July 9, 2015 - Comment

Hacked By Prosox Hacked By Prosox   GreetZ: Shade & Sxtz

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Hacked By Prosox

Hacked By Prosox


GreetZ: Shade & Sxtz


Peter Piper says:

Good bang for your buck This radio is a little smaller than you might expect. I’ve got a “Pure” DAB radio which I’m very happy with, so when I opened up this little Roberts I expected rather weedy sound output. Not so. It has the familiar Roberts “tone” which was a nice surprise. The limitations of its size become apparent only when you turn up the volume to higher levels. It doesn’t have the puff of a larger radio, but by no means does it embarrass itself.I’m not sure about the inter-changeable rubber surround or the slightly insipid colour, but those are not deal-breakers for me. If it has a fault, it’s that it gives the impression of being a little fragile, compared to other radios. That said, that might be due to it being light without batteries, as I’m running off the mains. The buttons are not the best for tactile feedback, but again, that’s not a deal-breaker.I have put this little cracker in my workshop and I’m very happy with it. It’s one of those devices…

Planet G "stendec-306" says:

A useful travelling companion When I first opened the box, I wasn’t quite sure whether I liked the looks of this radio or not – without any conventional rotary controls and no carry handle, the design seems somewhat clinical – a bit like a large control panel rather than a radio. But I have to say that the look of the radio did grow on me as the weekend went on.This Roberts radio has a grey rubber bumper (apparently you can choose to buy other different coloured ones to customise the look of the radio – really….) can take either 4 AA alkaline batteries, or a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries – it comes with a mains lead to allow the use of rechargeable batteries inside the radio – there is a small two way switch in the battery compartment of the radio to allow the recharging of batteries to take place. I used a set of standard alkaline batteries to evaluate it.DAB stations, and in a few moments had found over 30 stations, without the antenna being extended. Selection of stations is by two…

L. W. Newton "lwn83" says:

It’s a DAB radio but thats about it OK, so what we have come to expect from a DAB radio is all in this Roberts Play, easy set up, simple to use and clear sound.I had this radio set up and working within a couple of minutes of opening the box, I miss understood the description and thought this radio came with it’s own rechargeable battery, but it doesn’t, instead have to you can buy 4 AA type NiMh rechargeables, I would suggest you buy a higher milliamp hour rating for longer running time and are around £8 for four , the radio is supplied with a mains adaptor, so can charge the batteries or just run from the mains without any batteries being inserted . This radio can also run on 4 standard alkaline AA batteries how long they will last I can’t tell you. Take note of the small switch inside the battery cover that must be switched to either alkaline or rechargeable batteries…

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