Veho VSS-006-360BT Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone/Phones/Laptops/Netbooks/Bluetooth devices

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Veho VSS006360 Portable Capsule Bluetooth Speaker VSS006360BT Speakers Computer Speakers Product Features VSS-006-360BT

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Veho VSS006360 Portable Capsule Bluetooth Speaker VSS006360BT Speakers Computer Speakers

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  • VSS-006-360BT


Frank Hall "Talk to Frank Hall." says:

VEHO Bluetooth Speaker – Things to remember This little speaker is simply amazing for its size and price!The bluetooth connected quickly and the sound blew me away. Its difficult to describe volume adequately but I’ll do my best. Its suitable for a BBQ style party with around 30 people talking and this will provide a good background sound. In your room full volume it will seem LOUD! Really lightweight and comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charger. I tested the bluetooth to the max going through 3 brick walls and at a distance of 10m the connection remained stable. Without the walls I got to about 17m (see note 1 below). The battery is built in which saves on that extra cost and it lasted me around 5 hours at a little below full volume. There’s a light on the side which shows if/when the bluetooth is connected with a switch underneath to change to line-in mode. Very clever piece of kit and I very much recommend it anyone!! Due to point 2 below I’ve opted to spend the extra money and also buy the more…

Catman says:

Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker It was the Jawbone Jambox at £159 that got me started on a speaker for my I Phone then saw the Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker at £16.99, took the plunge and it is excellent, amazing little speaker, if you want a go anywhere speaker the size of a golf ball with good sound and a good Bluetooth connection then just buy one.

musicgadgetfan says:

Mixed results As with others, I’ve a bit of a mixed experience of this device. Got one about 6 weeks ago as I wanted to try a wireless speaker to go with my hp touchpad, but wasn’t sure about how well bluetooth would perform.Pros- tiny 40mm dia x 50 tall- comes with charging cable and 3mm stereo lead (both quite short)- sound quality (for its size)- life of battery (so far)- range (been able to use upstairs and several rooms away from source device)- priceCons- wow and flutter on bluetooth is really noticeable, but it could be the source device doing that… but its pretty stable via wired connection – will update if I can get hold of another device to test with- short cables!Wow and flutter can be ignored if you want background music while your concentrating on something else, but it does get pretty annoying after a while, but I can’t be sure the device is too blame. Has anyone else listened carefully to it over…

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