Sony HDR-PJ410 Full HD Handycam Camcorder with Built-In Projector

July 9, 2015 - Comment

Sony HDRPJ410B.CEH – HDRPJ410B.CEH – 1.71 Megapixel (Still Image) 2.29 Megapixel (Video) 30x Opical Zoom 2.7″ LCD Screen SD / SDHC / SDXC Compliant

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Sony HDRPJ410B.CEH – HDRPJ410B.CEH – 1.71 Megapixel (Still Image) 2.29 Megapixel (Video) 30x Opical Zoom 2.7″ LCD Screen SD / SDHC / SDXC Compliant


Dan Craggs says:

A solid mid-range effort Sony’s handheld camera range seems to stir and change on a fairly frequent basis, and this hopefully means that the latest models are lighter, more feature-packed, and better quality. But does the HDR-PJ410 deliver on this triad?Weighing in at 235g, the HDR-PJ410 is heavy enough to counter small jostles, but light enough to be a comfortable hold over long durations. I’ve never been a fan of having to hold my arm upright whilst using this style of camcorder, but the hand strap on the right side is angled from back-top to front-bottom to allow a more relaxed grip. The handle, incidentally, is where the rather awkward USB charge/data cable ‘docks’ when not in use.The screen folds out of the left side and is a reasonably-sized affair that rotates 270º, missing out the 90º between it facing down and it facing forward. The picture does of course flip vertically if the screen faces forward. I’m not a great fan of having to peer at a screen the entire time and would…

Sockymon says:

Great Portable Camcorder First – Could not believe how light the camera is. Having used previous Sony camcorders this is so small and light it is fantastic. It takes a little while to start up but getting recording is really nippy. It is also great that you can take stills while filming.Second – the built in projector is really interesting, the idea of it seemed really quite gimmicky. However, the reality of it is a really fun addition. Playing back is really easy and the picture is clear and the focussing mechanism is simple.There is some slight blurring of the image and image stabilisation is not perfect so shows more jerkiness than would be ideal. It works surprisingly well in low light, but have not found a night vision option so far – so I assume there isn’t one.The software that downloads, as most bundled software is, feels quite clunky and works but isn’t spectacular. As is the case nowadays there is no proper manual with it, which is really annoying and makes a lot of the…

Mike Nelson "IM35461" says:

Very Impressive Performance From A Lightweight Unit This is a nice compact camcorder with the ability to record in various video modes up to True HD 1080pI should say it defaults to recording at 1080i with the ability also to record an SD version of the video and take still photos while filming.In the highest quality mode, 50Mbps, which requires a very fast and large Micro SD card, it cannot simultaneous record or take still photos.The first thing I thought when I picked the camera up is high lightweight it is weighing 234gIt uses the same battery pack as the Sony HDR series of Action CAM’s, the NP-BX1 which charges up in the camera via the USB (mains adapter provided, mobile phone style built into a plug).In the box, you also get a HDMI cable so you can view your recordings directly on your HD TV.From what I can see, there is no option to fit a larger battery unlike with the earlier models which would seem to be a shame as you can drain the battery long before you…

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