Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera (Inc 24 – 105 mm STM Lens Kit)

July 9, 2015 - Comment

Canon 8035B126 – EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera – 20.2 Megapixels EF 24 – 105mm Lens Included SD Compatible 3.0″ LCD Screen 1 years Return to Base Warranty

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Canon 8035B126 – EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera – 20.2 Megapixels EF 24 – 105mm Lens Included SD Compatible 3.0″ LCD Screen 1 years Return to Base Warranty


Gary White "gwhitegeog" says:

One of the best Canon DSLRs to date – superb full frame travel companion Having spent some time working with the camera on a two week family trip to rural Portugal, I am now in a position to give a more authoritative review of the 6D. Though I am not in the camp of moaners who say `why hasn’t it got this’ or `the Nikon xxx is better as it has this’, etc, I do have one or two small criticisms (see below).As an introduction, here is a summary of strengths and weaknesses:Pros* Excellent image quality, in both RAW and JPEG, ability to produce clean images up to 10,000 ISO and acceptable images at H2 – 102,500 ISO!* Hence, great versatility with available light and indoor situations and street shooting at night* Noiseless images up to 1000 ISO at least, with the L 50 ISO setting producing superb images* Incredibly versatile photographic tool – with FF and massively usable ISO range, this is a superb machine for reportage, travel, landscape, social and documentary photography* With WiFi capability, it should be good…


I have now bought two of these. Yes, I have two Canon 6D bodies and four lenses. I used to have a Nikon D800, a D300s and previous generations. However, that I can rave about the 6D after using a 36MP D800 tells you something about the potential of this under-rated Canon cutie.The Canon 6D is like a camera of old in some respects: less in the way of gimmickry and more of what you expect from a 35mm camera. Being full-frame, all your lenses are the correct focal length and work as they should. The focus system has come under fire with its mere 11 points, but what about the olden days when we had perhaps five on the original EOS 5 (the film camera, not the 5D)?If you are used to more recent Nikons, you will appreciate the Canon menu system which seems far more logical, and if you are accustomed to a 5D or 7D, you will welcome the lightness.The 6D’s biggest asset is its glorious image quality. Pin-sharp with the right lens and rich in colour, the pics are very low in noise. ISO 1600…

Liam says:

Superb Firstly I am a big fan of Canon and have quite a collection of lenses including three L series. I have two other cropped sensor bodies 550d and 600d. I also own two Nikons D7000 and D3100 so I am not bias in any way as both systems produce the goods I need. THIS Canon 6d is just awesome. It has some gadgets like GPS which I don’t use but its there if you want it. The silent shutter mode is perfect for pictures inside churches or for pet portraits. I honestly believe that Canon have produced a serious winner here. The camera feels solid and ergonomically ideal. I added the battery grip BG13 onto it to make it more stable as my Canon 100=400mm L series is a brute of a thing!On opening the box it took only a matter of minutes to set it up and although the battery was dead on arrival my trusty battery grip and rechargeable AA batteries allowed me to get to work. This is a fine looking camera and performs superbly. If it wasn’t any good I would have shelled out so much money…

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