Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash Unit

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Product Features for All Canon EOS series Reflex 1 year warranty

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Product Features

  • for All Canon EOS series Reflex
  • 1 year warranty


Wayne says:

Perfect pictures every flash I bought this flash to go on my new 40D and although i had previously shirked a flash i am very pleased with the results. It comes with a great carry bag and stand, although it cannot be used off camera unless you have another on the camera to fire it. The sensor seems very good and in automatic produces great results.I bounce this off the ceiling for most shots and the result is a perfect even light, no shadows, and because it’s so versatile it doesn’t matter what angle i have the camera at.One word of warning, don’t scrimp on your batteries! I used a cheaper brand and it reduced my recycling time to nearly a minute, useless! After some experimenting, including the new lithium AA batteries, i have found that the energizer rechargable 2500 batteries are the best. Practically no time between flashes for the first 5 flashes and then it recovers superfast and you can do it all again. Great for weddings and children photography where you just can’t wait…

Brian Hamilton "brianhamilton14" says:

A very capable flashgun This is the first proper flash I bought for my EOS 40D and have been blown away by the quality of the images it lets me make. My previous experiences with flashguns have been pretty hopeless, totaly nuked out highlights and black backgrounds.I wasn’t expecting much from this but the e-ttl metering really does a fantastic job of determining how much flash to give each image. I took a few photos of my daughter when she was wearing a bright white jumper and thought it would be totaly overexposed. No, they turned out fine, bright but not blown out.Anyone in the know about flash knows that on camera flash is the worst place for a flash to be positioned. However, the quality of light given by this flash really does look good. Sure, I prefer to bounce the flash or get it off camera but in a pinch it can be left on camera, set to auto and pointed right at the subject.The feature set is pretty formidable, hi-speed sync at all shutter speeds! This lets me…

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