Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens

October 13, 2013 - Comment

Canon EFS 1022mm f3545 USM Lens 9518A007AA Cameras Camera Accessories Product Features for 20D, 300D, 30D, 350D, 400D 1 year warranty

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Canon EFS 1022mm f3545 USM Lens 9518A007AA Cameras Camera Accessories

Product Features

  • for 20D, 300D, 30D, 350D, 400D
  • 1 year warranty


N. Gratton "Writer & Photographer" says:

Very good, ultra wide sweetness Explaining the name of this lens:Canon – manufactured by the same people that made your camera. They’ll work together perfectly.- EF-S – only works on APS-C “crop-sensor” cameras – for example the 600D, 550D, 60D, 50D and 7D, as well as some older models like my own 20D- 10-22mm – on your APS-C camera this gives a field of view equivalent to 16mm on a full-frame or film camera at the wide end (ultra wide angle) down to 35mm when zoomed-in (a regular wide angle lens).- f/3.5-4.5 – maximum aperture is not that great. Particularly being a wide angle lens, it won’t be easy to achieve narrow depth of field if you want it. It’s also not going to very good for shooting indoors in ambient light, or even outdoors for freezing action in dim conditions. (If you really need a faster ultra wide angle lens, consider the )- USM – the autofocus motor…

brainleek007 says:

Excellent super-wide solution for EF-S mount This lens was created to fill the hole in Canon’s range for a super wide angle lens for their range of EF-S mount DSLR’s.Fortunately, since it inhabits a unique position in the range, it is a superb lens and there is no real alternative (from Canon anyway) that covers the same focal lengths.It’s not an L lens so don’t expect weather sealing and and lens pouches/lens hoods in the box. Do expect a very well built lens with excellent image quality.The lens has a very close minimum focusing distance of 24 cm which can be useful for odd effects at the wide end of things. The zoom and focusing rings are smooth and well placed. The lens takes huge filters (77mm) which can add a lot to the purchase price but should be considered essential as the front element is very convex and should be protected. A useful tip – get the slimmest filters you can for this lens as the lens is so wide angle standard filters will cut off the corners a fraction in the…

Mr. Lee Gareth Evans says:

I love this lens! Hi all, if like me you have spent the past 3 weeks deliberating over whether to buy or the sigma or the tamron, x, y or z. Then my advice is buy this! I read on many forums over the past weeks that the sigma 10-20mm lens is a superb piece of kit coupled with an incredible price. However, a regular theme amongst said forums was that the Sigma lens could be hit of miss with some optical abnormalities present which were solved by returning and replacing said lens until such abnormalities were no longer present.By contrast many forums raved about the Canon 10-22mm lens and it’s superior optical representation of the subject being photographed. The down side often read that the price was prohibitive resulting in several purchased the Sigma equivalent. Only to regret this decision and they had wished they had saved/spent that little more for the quality that is assured and synonymous with Canon.Anyway, my ramblings aside… I bit the bullet and plumped for this…

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