Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II Lens

October 13, 2013 - Comment

Product Features for all Nikon D series SLRs 1 year warranty

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Product Features

  • for all Nikon D series SLRs
  • 1 year warranty


M. Babb says:

Rarely off the camera If there’s one lens you leave on your camera so it’s ready to pick up at a moment’s notice, this is the one to choose.The 18-200 range is great for everything but the most demanding of shoots. I use my Sigma 10-20 for extra-wide shots, and my Sigma 150-500 for the extra-long shots, but often fine I’m too close or too far away when I suddenly need to take a shot I wasn’t expecting.Some reviewers knock this lens for being a tad soft, but to be honest, on my D90 I’ve shot this against my Sigma 10-20, Sigma 150 macro, Sigma 150-500 and Nikon 50mm all at corresponding focal lengths and you’d be hard to tell them all apart without pixel peeping. Not all professional lenses, but generally what most of us would have in our kit. It it can hold its own against the Nikon 50mm, it’s good enough for me. My wedding photographer used the VR I version on a D200, and despite me being in them the prints came out stunning.The construction is reassuringly solid,…

C. Bowers "Chilled" says:

Great All Purpose Lens I bought this to go with my Nikon D3100. I have several lenses but out and about changing them is a pain. I do a lot of walking and like to snap wildlife landscapes anything that takes my fancy. Results with this lens are very good across the whole range. Maybe not quite as good as multiple narrower range lenses but I would have missed many picture opportunities changing lens to get the right length. The VR works well.Update I have had this lens a while now and it is great. It is a good compromise maybe not as long as some but means I don’t have to change lens while walking and I have grabbed several shots I would have missed. Recently at a RSPB reserve with lots of very serious photographers there with massive professional long lenses. A Bittern broke cover and flew – I had the cheapest lens kit but I was the only one to get shots of the bird.

Peter Bailey "nordowns" says:

Exceeds expectations Its seldom that you buy a product that turns out to be significantly better than expected.In designing a highly flexible zoom lens, (11-1), the compromise between flexibility and image quality must be of prime concern. However Nikon apear to have done this VERY WELL and I am getting crisp and contrasty results over the entire range of focal length and a good selection of apertures.The advantages of this product are, essentially, a single lens, that can be left on the camera, which can handle a very wide range of situations. The lens performance together with VRII vibration reduction certainly seems to have done the trick.Whilst lacking in sophisticated bokeh for ‘classy’ portraits, where I will continue to prefer my 105mm F2 D lens, I intend to use this lens on a regular basis.The good price/ performance ratio, relatively light weight and small size are in its favour and I am likely to use higher ISO settings in low light conditions because of the higher f…

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