Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras with APS-C Sensors

October 13, 2013 - Comment

Product Features Brand: SIGMA Condition: Brand New

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Product Features

  • Brand: SIGMA
  • Condition: Brand New


R.D Carver "Dill" says:

A Decent Lens The lens is of good build quality and it produces very good images. The extra-large 83mm opening seems superfluous because the actual lens glass is much smaller but I guess the extra circumference allows for a decent sized hood (included) without encroaching upon the 10mm wide angle shots and it channels as much light as possible into the lens. I’ve used the lens on a Canon EOS 7D and have produced some very pleasing Castle and Cathedral interior shots hand-held without flash (the constant 3.5mm a big enough aperture for most, but 2.8mm or bigger would be superb. I also took it to the lake district and from the 10mm wide angle perspective it crams a whole load of landscape into the vista. I also used my EFS 17-55mm and the difference within a landscape shot at wide end (10mm V 17mm) makes a huge difference and offers more creative options. It is also great for smaller spaces like car interiors and can make your living room appear cavernous! I would definitely use this if taking photos…

J. Bashford says:

Soft Corners. I have never bought a ‘wide’ lens of this level, with a minimum focal length of 10mm it is as near to ‘fisheye’ as you want to get if you want to correct distortion. I looked at all the reviews here before buying this lens and found them honest and accurate. There is indeed softness towards the corners of the images as another reviewer stated but it is not in my opinion objectionable. The general points for me are that it has excellent contrast, very good saturation and delivers a very sharp picture (apart from those corners). I have put three images on the item page here for you to see. I got the lens on 11/10 and took the photographs on the 12/10 they are unedited and quite poor compositions compared to the other excellent images in the line, but they show what you get just by going out and pressing the button. Well worth the money and a fine lens.

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