Epson Stylus Photo R3000 A3+ Colour Inkjet Printer

October 13, 2013 - Comment

Product Features 1 year warranty

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Product Features

  • 1 year warranty


Peter says:

Epson R3000 I had been tempted to get an A3 printer for a few years now, they are not really the sort of thing that you can go to a shop and take a good look at, they are rarely on display, I had seen an Epson R1400 in a certain superstore, but that was about it.So I have been totally reliant upon online specifications and other peoples reviews (thanks!), I wanted an Epson mostly because I have had three Epson A4 printers and all have been really good.Like one of the previous reviewers, when I first saw the R3000 appear on the market I new it was the one I had been waiting for.I had taken a look at the dimensions and I knew it was going to be big, but when it arrived it was huge! it may have put me off a little if I had seen it on display in a shop as space for me is a slight issue, I am sure it is bigger than the R1400 I saw on display, so worth checking out carefully if you are thinking of buying.The saving grace is the wi-fi, it doesnt have to be…

Christos Vladenidis says:

comments from a 4 month owner’s point of view Here is my Epson R3000 review after 4 months of ownership.1.Ink consumption:I guess the second most important aspect of a printer is it’s ink consumption (first being, obviously, print quality).I have printed 20 a3+, apprx 40 A6 (10x15cm) and 30 13×18 printouts. All of them “borderless” for that matter. Of these, 2 a3+ were black and whites and 5-6 13×18 were B&W also, rest were color prints, both landscapes and portraits.By now I have *just* changed Light Magenda (T1576) and Light Cyan (T1575) ink cartridges, while Light Light Black (LLK – T1579) and Light Black (LK – T1577) are extremely low on ink but still useable and Photo Black (T1571) ink is low on ink. The other ink cartridges, namely Magenda, Cyan and Yellow are somewhere near the middle. I never used Matte Black ink so far so it’s still recognized as “full”.Fit to mention that I printed the aforementioned volume in three occasions, that means I open the printer…

HarrisDPI says:

Epson R3000 This is an upgrade to my dearly departed Epson 2100 (a printer that years down the line still gave fantastic quality prints). It was for that reason I decided to stay with Epson and go for the new R3000.Well, I have to say that this is the printer I have been waiting for. The print quality on different media is as you would expect from Epson (superb) and it has some very nice touches too that make it a worthwhile purchase/upgrade.I did have a few issues when I first set up the printer, however, this was down to a faulty model that Amazon swapped out for me without any qualm (many thanks Amazon). I also have to thank the chaps at Epson customer support too. They were incredibly helpful and did not give up until all the issues were properly resolved (a minor miracle in this day and age as most modern day companies don’t give a damn about the customer after money has exchanged hands!).Highlights for me include:1. It is wireless. This sounds…

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