Liquid Image Explorer 304 Swim Mask with Built-in Underwater 8.0 MPix Camera

October 13, 2013 - Comment

Liquid Image 304 8.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask

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Liquid Image 304 8.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask


Giovani "Luigi" says:

Great mask + built-in camera Built Quality – great mask, heavy solid material, perfect face fit – doing a great job as a snorkelling mask, good quality glass, much better that a regular underwater mask.Camera – basic camera with good quality photos (high res), videos not bad just VGA but enough for amateurs of snorkelling and all looking for some underwater adventure. If you like to record pro FullHD underwater videos you must purchase more expensive “Scuba” series.Overall – very satisfied, better that I have expected, cannot wait another summer trip.

Mr. D. Palfreyman says:

Liquid Image 304 8.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask My wife bought me one of these because she knew I was after an underwater camera, sadly over all it’s pants. It’s a great concept but the images were awful, it is really slow to take a photo -as is the case with budget cameras- therefore the shots I get from it tend to be blurry and grainy. I think the ISO tends to be too high and not adjustable, giving a rather grainy effect. I tried it in the pool where the light was good and in open water where the light can be not poor. As a keen amateur photographer and consider myself to have some skills in photography but there is only so much you can do with this camera even when trying to improve the situation with additional lighting.The absolute worst thing of all is that it is only has a depth rating of 5 meters relegating it to a snorkelling only camera.Since then they have released a black version that is rated for depth but I have not been able to get hold of a set to try.There are a whole heap of decent compact…

Magpie says:

Camera Mask disappointment The reviews I read of this item prior to purchase were mixed but as I have only previously used a hand held camera when snorkelling and diving it was a welcome innovation for me! The camera mask was purchased for use on an imminent holiday to the Maldives. The instructions with it gave a clear recommendation to test the product before leaving on holiday – I did not get the chance.The mask was easy to set up, batteries a bit fiddly to install but otherwise very simple to use. Unfortunately my mask turned out to be faulty. The camera is capable of taking photographs and video but at best the photo option would only work intermittently. The video did appear to work but after stopping the first video and initiating a second it would either not commence or if it did, would not stop as it was supposed to and the camera had to be completely turned off. I have no idea whether any of the photographs/videos taken came out as I could not download the files. The camera was evidently faulty…

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