WD Elements 2TB External Desktop Hard Drive – Black

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Product Features 2TB Capacity External Hard Drive Mains Powered

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Product Features

  • 2TB Capacity
  • External Hard Drive
  • Mains Powered


A. Hopkinson says:

Quiet, cool and unobtrusive I bought this hard disk primarily for use with Apple Time Machine from two Mac laptops – a Macbook and a Macbook Pro. The drive comes formatted for Windows but a reformat only took a few seconds. Usable space on the drive is 931.5GB – I have the drive partitioned, 600GB for Time Machine and 330GB for general usage.The drive is very smart, with a textured top and glossy sides and has rubber feet. Both connectors (power and usb) are at the back, next to a white activity light, so there’s nothing flashing at the front. The power lead is fairly compact (compared to my Lacie FA Porsche drive), with the transformer built in to the plug rather than halfway along the lead. Even the USB cable is well designed, with moulded easy-grip ends.The drive is almost completely silent and runs very cool despite having no fan. I’ve probably moved about 1TB on and off it over the last 24 hours and it’s never even been warm. Transfer speeds seem to be around 1GB/minute for both…

Ash "Mega Superman Fan" says:

Excellent. As I’ve come to expect from WD, these drives are excellent, I have two 2TB ones (this new model) and two 1TB ones (the old ‘elements’ model that was longer with the rubber edges on back and front).Was a big fan of the older model of ‘elements’ drives, and so was concerned they had tried to profitize and so made a cheaper more tacky ‘elements’ model. Anyway, its not the case, solid as a rock, reliable, quiet, quality feel, and looks better too. Buy them now!

V. Gorelov says:

Some geeky stuff Got two of these today and both seem to work fine.Since some of the more technically minded people like me might want to know more, here’s some stuff I figured out so far:Computer relevant capacity is 1.36TB.It consumes 10W when in use and 9W when you’re not doing anything with it. If you unplug the USB cable, power consumption drops to 4-5W.Peak write speed seems to be somewhere between 27 and 28MB/s, which is about half of what your typical internal HDD runs at. That’s about 15 hours for a full format or to fill up with files to the brink. Speed drops to around 20MB/s when copying smaller files like .mp3 music.Comes pre-formatted with NTFS and no bundled software.Very quiet operation.There was a review saying that the power/USB cable ports didn’t match up perfectly with the holes in the case. I can see how this can be true, as the port position seems to be flexible, perhaps to accomodate some sort of shock protection. If…

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