Belkin N+ Wireless Router with Increased Wireless Range & High-speed Internet Connection 300 Mbps (F5D8235uk4)

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Belkin N+ Wireless Router – Wireless router – 4-port switch – Gigabit Ethernet – Product Features N+ Wireless Router

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Belkin N+ Wireless Router – Wireless router – 4-port switch – Gigabit Ethernet –

Product Features

  • N+ Wireless Router


David says:

Nearly brilliant, but flawed… Firstly, ignore the review complaining about slow delivery from Amazon, which clearly has nothing to do with product. Secondly, ignore the review stating this Cable router won’t work with an ADSL line.I ordered this router on a Thursday and it was delivered two days later, so Amazon get brownie points for that. Included in the box were the router, a power supply, a setup CD, a Cat5e ethernet cable and various quick start guides. I ignored the CD, the quick start guides and the provided ethernet cable as I am connecting this to my Virgin Media modem using a Cat6 STP ethernet cable. As I always do with new routers, I performed a hard reset on the router itself. After establishing a wired connection to my desktop PC I used the GUI based setup (from to check the router setup, and upgrade the firmware. After selecting a connection type of dynamic, the router instantly connected with my modem, detected all the Virgin Media settings and was connected to the…

LegendaryMrDude says:

Great for limited home use, not so good for high-bandwidth use. I’ve been using this router for over a year and, at first thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It looks smart, the setup is easy and it offers a lot in the way of “tweaking” to suit your individual needs. The Gigabit ports are a boon in these days of Network-attached storage and the 802.11n wireless means highbandwidth wireless over the whole house. For lightweight browsing of the web and occasional streaming of short YouTube clips, everything has worked fine and I’d have given the router 4 stars.Recently my use of the home network has changed to include increasing use of streaming media, iPlayer, movies from NAS ete and predominantly to wireless devices. It’s this change of use that has revealed the significant shortcomings of the device. Recently the router has taken to crashing/rebooting on a regular basis and the wireless network failing intermittently. I’ve increased the number of devices on the Wireless LAN to a total of 12 over the last few months…

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