TP-Link TL-WA901ND Advanced 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Product Features Height:2.9 cm Width:17.4 cm Depth:12 mm Device Type:Radio access point

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Product Features

  • Height:2.9 cm
  • Width:17.4 cm
  • Depth:12 mm
  • Device Type:Radio access point


Robert Groom says:

Amazing Value – Superb Flexibility I have an Asus O!Play HD2 media player connected to a TV in a room to which I couldn’t easily run a Cat5 cable. The O!Play doesn’t have WiFi support built-in, so in order to be able to stream movies from my NAS, I needed a way to convert the Cat5 cable port in the device to a wireless link.My main wireless router is a BT Home Hub running software version (Type B), and what I needed was a device which could act as a network client to the Home Hub and then connect to the O!Play using a standard Cat5 cable.After a little research, I realised that the TL-WA701ND should be able to perform this function. It has several modes of wireless operation:Access Point – acting as a simple wireless hub to connect together multiple wireless devices.Multi-SSID – allowing the device to advertise multiple SSIDs and create up top 4 VLANs.Client – (the option I chose) this effectively allows it to link the local Cat5 port with a remote wireless hub…

September says:

Nice features Very good device with nice and stable WiFi that easily covers whole building. In past I had to use two APs, but now one is enough. There is also nice surprise, which Amazon fails to mention: devices is Power-over-Ethernet and comes with power injector. That makes installation possible in nearly any place and there is no need for power socket to be near. All you need to connect is one network cable and then you put power supply and injector near the switch on other side of network cable.

simski6 says:

Brilliant piece of kit I have set this up as both a extension to my sky wireless network and as a direct connection for my Sky+ HD box so i can get Anytime+. If there is a downside it took a while to configure and it does require an element of networking knowledge. I set the unit in Universal Repeater mode. These are the settings:Sky RouterIP address. mask: DHCP rangeStarting IP Adress: IP address: address for TP-Link: address: set to Universal RepeaterWireless Security: set to WPA-PSK with automatic encryption (same as Sky Router)PSK Password: Network Key of Sky Router

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