Apple iPod touch 32GB – Black – 4th Generation (Launched Sept 2010)

September 11, 2013 - Comment

Product Features Storage capacity: 32 GB Player media type: Flash memory Compatible memory cards: N Audio compression formats: MP3;AAC;WAV Built-in microphone: Y

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Product Features

  • Storage capacity: 32 GB
  • Player media type: Flash memory
  • Compatible memory cards: N
  • Audio compression formats: MP3;AAC;WAV
  • Built-in microphone: Y


Rufus Firefly "Rufus" says:

Way, way exceeded my expectations I have been bowled over by this little device.I bought it thinking that it would be a good replacement iPod for my ancient model, with a bit of mobile browsing thrown in – very useful as I didn’t want to be chained to my laptop.But the iPod Touch turned out to be so, so much more than this. It takes a generational leap forward in gadgetry, browsing, and multimedia. It’s just so darn intuitive.Click on the ‘Photo’ widget. Take a snap. Touch the option button and immediately send it to somebody’s email address. Or take a video recording, follow the same process, or store it in your computer’s video library.Download the free Skype app. Your iPod Touch is now a mobile phone thanks to its built-in mic.Click on the web browser. Go to iPlayer and watch all the latest BBC TV shows. Touch the email widget and get access to all of your emails.Buy an app called TuneIn Radio for around £1.50. Touch the widget on your screen…

Sharon.R says:

Definitely worth waiting for!!! (A kids review but still read it please 11yrs old)It took me a long time to save up for this and persuade my parents to let me get it. The best deal was definitely Amazon. Very pleased with delivery and price; it came 4 days early.I’ve never owned anything like and ipod touch before. It’s an amazing device with great apps (alot free too), great sound quality and loads more.Set up:It took and 30-45mins to sync the ipod and set it up. It isn’t that long to wait since once it’s done there’s not really any more setting up required.Good points:The apps(even free ones are brill); Good qaulity picture and sound.The video is the best bit and the camera is ok. It’s not amazing but it’s not poor.Screen is all very fast and responsive with every click, important i think you may agree. I noticed it went a bit blue, but this was when i tipped it at a stupid angle.Internet access is quick and easy to use. I’ve not yet…

Aaron C. Braund "tek dude" says:

Thoughts from an Ipod newbie The Ipod hype train has passed me by again and again and again without making me take notice of Apples latest mp3 masterpiece so this one certainly went straight over my head. The media and consumer voice have made a lot of my decisions about Apple, that they are money hungry and sell products that break within days. Then there was the fiasco about the Iphone 4’s signal and that story certainly didnt impress me.But after ignoring the temptation of an Ipod too long I succumbed, because I was in need of something to replace my trusty Zen Stone, which is now resting in pieces thanks to my son :(. I went big on the purchase with one of these; I thought that if I wanted to experience an Iphone without paying the ridiculous monthly tarriffs this was the best choice. I didnt prepare myself for love but thats what happened.Too hold it in your hands is idescribable, it feels beautiful, slim but satisfyingly heavy. Set up was done in moments on my windows pc and itunes…

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